Flabob Express


Oshkosh 2016

This was one of the biggest Oshkosh AirVentures ever, planes were being sent to over flow airfields on the first day - over 14 300 aircraft at last count, an all time record! The great weather, especially before Oshkosh contributed as aircraft were able to fly in from all over the USA.

Our group departed Johannesburg on Saturday 23rd July, some on KLM, some on Qatar and some making there own way to Chicago. Sunday afternoon at O'Hare was abit chaotic as some luggage on Qater was lost. The bus finally left late and it was now a rush to get to Kenosha in time to meet up with the DC 3, Flabob Express. An accident on the highway further contributed to the stress, sms's started coming through from Warren Butler, who was at Kenosha with the DC 3, to say that it would have to get airbourne and could not wait. As we got close to Kenosha the message came through, "Engines started, doors are closed, we are taxying out". We drove in to the airport grounds, myself in the van, the bus in front of me.All I had to do now was to let the pax on the bus know what the situation was and that we would all now be driving up to OSH.

However,what a surprise! Here comes the DC 3 taxying back to the terminal. The pilots saw the bus arriving and decided to turn back! Pax had to board the plane with engines still running, and were quickly off to OSH aboard the DC 3!