The annual EAA Oshkosh AirVenture airshow is the greatest aviation event in the world. With over 10 000 aircraft flying in, over 1 000 exhibitors, 2 500 show planes and more than half a million spectators, no other airshow comes close!

From it’s humble beginnings in Milwaukee in 1953, attended by less than 150 visitors and a handful of homebuilt aircraft, the convention grew rapidly outgrowing Milwaukee by 1959. The founder, Paul Poberezny, moved the convention / fly-in to Rockford Illinois, where it became one of the USA’s greatest aviation events. It had also diversified into warbirds, antiques and aerobatics as well as it’s original interest, homebuilding.

A study was made to find a new home. Steve Wittman, a founding member of EAA, suggested Oshkosh. The field had acres of vacant ground around the airfield, 2 long runways (East – West and North- South) that did not cross allowing lots of traffic. Oshkosh city officials were also keen to have such an attraction in their town.

The decision was made! In 1969 EAA would move to Oshkosh for their  ‘70 convention. However, there existed no infrastructure for the event. EAA volunteers got to work, and in 6 months created a new home for EAA’s fly in.

Since then, the word Oshkosh has become synonymous  around the world with aviation. Oshkosh, or AirVenture as it become in 1998, has grown to be the world’s premier aviation event, a week long celebration of the past, present and future in aviation. You can be sure anything new in general aviation will be launched at Oshkosh!

AirVenture – the week

The week long aviation extravaganza is packed with activities that will appeal to all types of aviation enthusiasts, whether you are an aviator, an enthusiast, a homebuilder or a restorer, you will find something for everyone.


AirVenture not only features a daily airshow, but also 2 night airshows! Shows feature some of the world’s top aerobatic pilots, unique and rare warbirds, military aircraft and formation teams.

With over 10 000 aircraft parked on Wittman Airfield, you will be able to find just about anything that flies. Aircraft are parked in their respective sections, warbirds, antiques, homebuilts, ultralights, seaplanes and production aircraft.